Trudeau’s Dream Of Tech Leader Canada Hindered By A Few Issues

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to give a boost to the new economy in Canada. But, he also has to defend the old economy that is under the threat from U.S. President Donald Trump who threatens to leave NAFTA. He also has to deal with some of the people opposing the new resource projects. Trudeau is caught between the old and the new economy.

Trudeau recently had a sequence of tech meetings in San Francisco as he is looking to make Canada a technology leader. He also had a chat with Jeff Bezos of Amazon Inc. seeking Amazon to set up their second headquarters in Toronto. He also got some investment deals made with AppDirect Inc and Inc.

He could not go all out on his efforts to improve the new economy of Canada. He still has problems back home with the pipeline division issue. There are also doubts raised about the NAFTA talks between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

Trudeau said that his government’s focus is not on improving the economy for the next week. They are looking at improving the economy for the next decade so that the next generation can live happily. He wants any trade deal to be a win-win situation.

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