Trudeau Says Trans Mountain Pipeline Will Surely Happen

There are lots of debates and questions raised on the completion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. The Canadian Federal government has made it clear that they are looking to seek the legislative and financial action so that the pipeline project is complete.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has already initiated talks with Kinder Morgan to reduce the financial risks involved in completing the Trans Mountain pipeline project. The meeting with Kinder Morgan will help in removing all the negative thoughts about the pipeline project.

The PM said that the financial meetings that his government will have with Kinder Morgan will not be revealed publicly. But, he assured the nation that his government is intent on turning the Trans Mountain pipeline project into a reality.

Trudeau also said that once he has concrete details of the financing of the project, he will announce the details to the general public. He has blamed B.C. for putting a stop to the pipeline expansion.

Rachel Notley, the Premier of Alberta, has made it clear that she will also be involved in the financial discussions with Kinder Morgan. She believes that once the discussions with Kinder Morgan ends on a positive note, there is no one that can stop the Trans Mountain pipeline construction.

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