Sober Partners® Responds to the Drug Epidemic by Empowering our Youth

COSTA MESA, CA – 07-12-2019 ( — The Drug Epidemic in America has the Nation shocked and many people wondering what can be done to help.  Sober Partners®, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program in Orange County is taking a stance on this issue. The Treatment Team at Sober Partners believes that a good way to make an impact is by empowering our youth and offering financial aid to college students who intend to use their education to help those who struggle with addiction.

The Sober Partners mission is to bring awareness to students and their families about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.  Sober Partners has a team of Addiction Specialists who feel this is especially important as students enter higher education, reminding them that addiction can happen to anyone. In that spirit, they decided to offer the winner of The First Bi-Annual Sober Partners College Scholarship $1000 in financial aid.Students can apply for The Sober Partners College Scholarship online and the winner will be chosen by a staff of Addiction Specialists. Any student can apply and Sober Partners is especially interested in hearing from students whose lives have been impacted by addiction or mental health.  Each student will have the opportunity to provide a personal statement (up to 500 words) explaining how these issues have impacted their life. If students plan on using their education to help others, they are encouraged to mention that in their personal statement.Scholarship Application Link:

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