Nissan Canada Finance Says Its Data Was Breached

The latest victim of a data breach is Nissan Canada finance. The company has admitted that personal information of some of their customers who have financed their cars has been compromised. The company does not know how many customers’ information has undergone a breach.

The Nissan Canada Finance has started calling all its 1.13 million current and previous customers to intimate them of the data breach. The investigation of this data breach is on. The company came to know of the data breach on December 11. The customers who have taken finance to buy Nissan cars through Infiniti Financial Services Canada and Nissan Canada Finance could be the victims of the data breach.

The data breaches could have gotten information about the customers’ names, addresses, vehicle numbers, vehicle make and model, loan amounts, credit scores and their monthly payment details.

In the wake of the data breach, Nissan Canada finance has offered all its customers a 12-month credit monitoring service through TransUnion. The company has sought the help of data security experts, law enforcement, and Canadian privacy regulators to help them in their investigation and to nab the culprits.

This is a very serious issue and Nissan Canada is looking to do everything it could to prevent data breaches in the future.

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