Newegg Canadian Customers Can Pay Using Bitcoins

The online computer hardware seller from California Newegg has confirmed that it is going to extend its Bitcoin payment option to the Canadians.

This company has started to use Bitcoin as a payment option since August 2014. It has offered the Bitcoin payment option for the US customers to start with.

Newegg has about that 36 million customers and most of them are located in North America. This company is very optimistic about the cryptocurrency payment option.

Danny Lee, the CEO of Newegg, said that it was one of the first big companies to offer the Bitcoin payment option for its clients. The big volatile value of Bitcoin in 2017 and the huge transaction fees collected for Bitcoin payments made many of the retailers to withdraw the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment option. But, Newegg held the fort.

As the value of the Bitcoin has skyrocketed, the customers who held onto the Bitcoin now have more purchasing power. He believes that it is the right time to open up the acceptance of Bitcoin the Canadian customers.

Newegg has a tie-up with Bitpay for taking care of its Bitcoin transactions in the United States. Lee says that they are seeing a lot of transactions from Canada and this is why the company has decided to extend the Bitcoin payment option across the border.

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