NEW Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin

United States – 10-09-2019 ( — Arcane Strategies releases a WordPress plugin connecting WooCommerce to Stripe Terminals

Arcane Strategies has created a Stripe Terminal for WooCommerce Plugin. This plugin is a gateway option for a WooCommerce store that allows in-store payments using a Verifone P400 Stripe Terminal. This takes advantage of the Stripe API and WooCommerce plugins to provide the functionality necessary for communicating with the terminal reader and the WooCommerce store.This plugin will convert your WooCommerce store-front into a point-of-sale checkout portal when used with the Verifone P400 Stripe Terminal. It requires WooCommerce and WooCommerce Stripe Gateway plugin version 4.2+, by WooCommerce/Automattic. Your annual subscription will provide you with this current version of the plugin and support for all minor releases.A PRO version of this plugin is also in development, set for release in November of 2019. Some of its key features will include; locations management, collect and import customer data, support for pre-dipping cards, and subscription purchases.You can purchase This new plugin on the Arcane Strategies Product Page 

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