New Regulatory Changes in Ontario Commences from January 1

The Ontarians rang in the New Year with a host of regulatory changes. The minimum wages are seeing an increase from January 1 and the cost of the prescription drugs will be coming down. The minimum wages will now be $14 an hour.

A lot of the workers will get one more week of vacations and the employees do not ah veto submit sick notes to their bosses for the New Year. These are some of the new regulations that the Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced to the people of Ontario. The opposition parties are terming this as an election stunt of the Premier.

A new Pharmacare plan called OHIP+ is announced for the New Year. This plan covers over 4 million teens, children, and adults under the age of 25. They get free access to 4,400 medications. They need to present their health card and a doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy to get free medicines.

The Premier is emphasizing on how the government is with the younger generation of Ontario. The government is offering $15 minimum wage and free medications for kids. These new measures and regulations taken by the Premier are the biggest New Year goodies that Ontario has got in years.

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