NAFTA Talks Confusion Will Not Affect Canada, Says FM

Canada at present is enjoying a very good economy. This is one of the reasons why Finance Minister Bill Morneau is not worried about North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks going nowhere.

He is not ready to head to whatever the President of The United States Donald Trump wants. It looks like that the U.S. threat to pull out of the NAFTA agreements will not cause any problems in Canada.

Bill has said that the talk on the NAFTA deal is very critical and important. But, Canada will not bud under the pressures of the USA into committing anything. It will stand its ground and be firm so that it gets the best possible agreement.

He is happy with the way the Canadian economy is booming. The economy is in the best possible position right now and Bill wants to take maximum advantage of it. He does not want to rush things and will take the necessary decisions by taking every aspect into account.

The latest budget that Bill had presented has new measures to expand Canada’s trade all over the world. They are looking to concentrate mainly on Asian regions. Morneau said that they’ll be continuing to put forth why they do not agree with some of the idea that the U.S. has brought the NAFTA table.

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