Morneau Feels NAFTA Is Here To Stay

The negotiations of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are going on in full swing after U.S. President Donald Trump criticized it aggressively. He even hinted at the possibility of a pull out of NAFTA. Soon afterward, negotiations on the 24-year old trade deal are going on.

The Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau said that there needs to be some improvement in the NAFTA. At present, the 6th round of talks on NAFTA is going on in Montreal. Bill said that he and his team have some constructive ideas to improve the state of NAFTA and they are working on it.

Trump threatened to pull out of the NAFTA agreement if the trade deal did not offer a better deal for the United States. Morneau said in the negative when asked about a possible end of the NAFTA trade deal. He said that the NAFTA deal has brought in a lot of positives from the three countries that are part of it.

The trade between the U.S. and Canada has grown immensely with NAFTA. It is about $2 billion every day. Morneau says that the U.S. and Canada have a very strong trading relationship. As many as 9 million U.S. jobs are functioning because of their trade relationship with Canada.

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