Morneau Faces Opposition from Critics Over Pharma Care Policy

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By and large, the Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau was able to impress one and all with the third annual Budget that he presented on Tuesday. He has earned the ire of his critics on one thing in the budget and that is his new pharma care program.

The critics are accusing him of making the pharma care coverage to suit his previous business Morneau Shepell. This is a pension and benefits consulting firm. He is the soft target of the opposition critics.

The Liberal government is looking to come out with new steps for a national drug coverage program. The government asked the previous health minister of Ontario Eric Hoskins to give recommendations. Morneau said that his team is looking to bridge the gaps and they will not be looking to get rid of the drug coverage program that the nation currently has.

There was an open letter sent by the Canadian Labor Congress, the Canadian Federation of Nurses, and the Canadian Doctors for Medicare to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to remove Morneau from the file.

They say that the plan is not a universal one. It will only cover the gaps for the people who are not under the plan’s coverage. This plan will only benefit the pharmaceutical and insurance companies and will not be of any use to the people.

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