Liberals Budget On The Cards On February 27

The Federal Government of Canada will be presenting their next budget on February 27. The Finance Minister Bill Morneau will be unveiling his budget plans at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty about the trade. The date for presenting the budget was announced by the Finance Minister in the House of Commons this Tuesday.

Morneau was pretty optimistic about the financial condition of Canada, despite the uncertainty surrounding the NAFTA trade agreement and also the corporate tax policy. Morneau said that there are improvements seen in the middle-class people of Canada over the last two years.

The country is presently at the lowest unemployment rates in the past 40 years. He also said that despite all the positives, there is plenty of work still to be done.

Morneau is going to sit down and have a talk with the private sector experts in the annual pre-budget meeting. It is likely that the experts will be pushing forward with the proposal to keep the fiscal power as low as possible.

He will be meeting the leading economists and experts from trade associations, leading banks and think tanks to get a feedback from them as to what they are looking for in the budget.

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