Is There A Shrinkage In The Canadian Middle Class?

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The federal government is all set to announce its budget that is inclined towards the middle-class people in Canada. But, the fear among the analysts is whether there are many middle-class people left in Canada to take advantage of these benefits.

A poll conducted by the Canadian Press’s Eko Research found out that the middle-class population in Canada has come down to less than half of the Canadian population. It was at 70 percent in 2002.

The President of Ekos, Frank Graves, said that the slowness of the economic growth and the inequality in the higher income group are some of the reasons why there is shrinkage in the middle-class population in Canada. There are many people in the country doing contract jobs and short-term jobs. They do not fall in the middle-class job bracket.

People are feeling that they are working harder than before, but are not getting ahead in life. There is growing concern among the people of Canada about not getting the chance to be in the middle-class group.

It would be better off for the federal government to speed up the National Housing Strategy funding to provide homes to the lower income groups. There is a huge need for money and it has to be dispersed quickly to repair the thousands of inexpensive housing units.

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