In This Bull Market 200 Day Count


Till the time the financial markets start up chucking the “liquidity” being forced fed to them, all of us can anticipate that the stock market will maintain its pace and will continue going up, because the old monetary metals for the most part are continue holding what they have.

The last Thursday was the exception though, the DJIA (Dow Jones) on Thursday, closed at new all-time highs each day all during the week.

This should be big news, nevertheless, in the year 2017 this seems to have become the rule instead of the exception. The question is will the Dow Jones again finding itself below its BEV -5% line in its BEV chart below ever? The answer is, yes it will, and when this will happen that will be big news!  As one can see the correction table in the chart, today Dow Jones would have to shed 1,233 points to do it.

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