Federal Government’s Backing For Trans Mountain Pipeline Will Woo Investors

There are roadblocks that the Trans Mountain pipeline project expansion is facing at the moment. The federal government is intention setting things straight and has said that it is bent on making this project come true.

The Finance minister of Canada Bill Morneau is having a series of talks with the Kinder Morgan Company to find a solution to the roadblocks that the project is facing. Kinder Morgan has given an ultimatum to the Canadian government that it would abandon the expansion of the pipeline project if it does not get the necessary clarity to move forward with the expansion. It has set a May 31st deadline.

This announcement from the company has come after a two-month standoff between the Alberta and British Columbia governments. The B.C. government has raised an environmental issue to stop the pipeline project expansion. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the two Premiers’ last week and said that his government is committed to making the pipeline expansion project become a reality. He said that the nation needs it and he will do anything to uphold the nation’s interest.

Trudeau also told the Premiers that the FM has started talks with Kinder Morgan executives to find out a solution to carry out the expansion project smoothly.

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