Designer Elle B Mambetov Rocks the Boat with Prison Tell-All

United States, California, Los Angeles – 05-20-2019 ( — A6347DW: American Captive by Elle B Mambetov is the explicit narrative of an American fashion designer locked away and trapped in a foreign prison, after being arrested without a warrant and held in a maximum security prison at the order of HMP Bronzefield warden despite government release orders. Having first called the police herself on her accusers, police penned a case of fraud against the designer, ignoring the 5-count confession of suspect and once close friend to the designer. It all began when a fraudulent scandal erupted involving Taylor Swift’s music producer, Miloco Studios, and a David Guetta and Sia track owned by Warner Music and Sony.  How does a successful African American woman go from the catwalk to the restricted fashion confines of a prison, and what do you do when you discover you are a victim of fraud at the hands of your own friend; set up, and dropped in the middle of his scamming world of chaos and lies?

The story depicts true details of scandal, police corruption, perjury, racism, prison life, US Government agency aid for Americans on foreign soil, and sexual misconduct by an HM prison staff member; to name a few. Whilst some property was seized without a warrant by police, another £30,000 of the designers belongings were unlawfully destroyed or stolen by her landlord Cheval Residences Three Quays in London.

A free preview of A6347DW: American Captive by Elle B Mambetov can be seen at alongside additional information about the designer and promo discounts on purchases.

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