(CBMJ) Biggest FARM Winner Over (PURA), (BCCI), (HEMP) and BIG Loser (KALY)

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Our profiled companies from yesterday all took wild rides as winners and losers.

KENMORE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — After great speculation and huge swings in stock prices in anticipation of Trump signing the Farm Bill our profiled companies from yesterday all took wild rides as winners and losers respectfully.

For the good news, (OTCPK: CBMJ) Canna Broadcasting Media www.cannabroadcastmedia.com was the clear winner with a steady 34.15% increase to in share price closing at 0.0055. This makes it the 6th highest gaining cannabis stock of all in terms of percentage gains and ranks it first overall for cannabis companies trading over a million shares and with a share price over 0.0008. CBMJ’s unique ability to get cannabis companies seen on mainstream media and its long-established media relationships make it a must watch as their business just got a major shot in the Farm. They also own www.loudmouthnews.com which is the first, longest running, and only nationally syndicated entertaining news segment highlighting cannabis news, products, and companies. Cannabis Stocks New predicted yesterday that ”Unlike some other stocks, CBMJ is not well known, and has not been overbought, yet has the potential to be the biggest winner of them all.”

CBMJ is also current on all of its filings.

Also a strong winner coming in second after a few wild swings with a 20.20% increase was (OTCPK: PURA) Puration Inc. who announced yesterday that its 2018 Sales Exceeded its $1 Million Goal With 2019 Goal Set At $5 Million. Puration has revenues, is current on all of its filings, and is set to benefit from the FARM Bill.

Baristas Coffee Company (OTCPK: BCCI)came in third in the winning column from our profiled companies set to gain from the FARM Bill closing up 4.71% at 0.0089. Baristas just announced a partnership with Flower Power to launch a CBD Coffee under an offshoot of the Baristas brand called “Baristas EnrichaRoast CBD” of which is expected to be available by years end. It should be noted that Baristas is not really a cannabis company but is the first major coffee company to confirm that it will be offering a CBD Coffee. BCCI is also current on all of its filings.

Now for the losers. The first loser but not the biggest loser on the list is (OTCPK: HEMP) Hemp, Inc. closing -10.45% at 0.042 HEMP was recently featured in Forbes which helped propel its stock leading up to the signing of the FARM Bill but a sharp selloff came as the news hit. This could also be related to a perception that they are somehow involved with the biggest loser of them all (OTCPK: KALY) whose checkered past is coming to haunt them. Keep in mind that Cannabis Stocks News cautioned about investing in HEMP yesterday do to the fact that the majority of its gains had likely been achieved and that OTC Markets issued a Warning that (OTCPK: HEMP) may not be making material information publicly available, and designating it the second to worst classification STOP SIGN

There should be no surprise that the biggest loser of all was (OTCPK:KALY) Kali-Extracts Inc. an extraction company whose stocks fell sharply after the announcement closing a staggering -32.35% falling to .0184. Cannabis Stocks News warned yesterday that OTC MARKETS had given the worst of all designations to (OTCPK: KALY) a Caveate Emptor Skull and Cross bones. This indicates proven criminal activity and sanctions either enforced or likely. KALY is seriously delinquent in their filings, and suffering from actionable malfeasance to the point of being given the usually fatal Skull and Crossbones designation by www.otcmarkets.com Their past appeared to catch up to them after a rally that was short lived and a massive selloff that is likely to continue provided they are not halted from trading.

On the other extreme, companies like (OTCPK: URA), (OTCPK: CBMJ), and (OTCPK: BCCI) have all achieved OTCMARKETS highest tier certifying full compliance and the highest level of current disclosure.

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