Canadian FM Wants To Strike Better Trade Deal With UK

Bill Morneau, the finance minister of Canada, wants Canada and the UK to strike a better trade deal post-Brexit. He wants to come out with the new deal, which is better than the current Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (Ceta).

He said that the deal that was agreed in late 2016 with the European Union will be a replication model once UK leaves the EU. He wants the deal with the United Kingdom to be more significant than the present agreement.

Bill did not throw any light on the specific nature of UK-EU trade that he is looking for. He said that the door was open for a very good trade deal that also covered the financial services. He said that the Federal government was in favor of an open trading relationship. With an open trading relationship, any barriers can be broken down in the post Brexit period. He wanted the UK to be also positive in this regard.

Morneau said that he was looking into the size of the economies with whom they want to expand the trade with. He feels that Ceta is important as it is a huge-sized market. The global trade is very important for the betterment of the Canadians.

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