Boom Seen In Canada’s Automobile Service And Sales Employment

The number of employees working in the automobile non-manufacturing sector in Canada is increasing. There is a paradigm shift seen in the auto jobs with people preferring the sales, service and finance divisions over the manufacturing field. The number of employees in many of the auto stores has increased exponentially in the last five years. This boost in the auto jobs is due to the effect of the North American free-trade agreement (NAFTA).

The outcome of the NAFTA effect is that the manufacturing jobs in the auto sector have declined and the jobs in sales, finance, and repair have soared. The decrease in the auto manufacturing jobs can also be attributed to the closing of many assembly plants.

Dennis DesRosiers, an industry analyst, says that it is very evident from the number of vehicles being manufactured in Canada that the manufacturing sector has taken a hit. The last year manufacturing report stands at 106 vehicles for every 100 vehicles sold in Canada. There is a boom in the vehicle sales in Canada and this has resulted in the increase in the non-manufacturing jobs.

The increase in the auto sales over the last decade or so has resulted in many job creations at the dealerships and in the aftermarket vehicle repair centers.

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