Bank Of Canada’s Monetary Policy Report Read Out Before The House Of Commons Standing Committee

The Monetary Policy Report of the Bank of Canada was read out by the Governor Stephen Polaz before the House of Commons Standing Committee. He said that the Canadian... Read more »

Surge In Home Buying Intentions Attributed To Millennials

About one-third of the Canadians has the intention of buying a home in the next 2 years. The sale of the single-detached homes is going through a slump. But,... Read more »

Canada And U.S. Economies Must Be Prepared To Face Crisis

The Canadian and USA economies are doing very well. They are at present enjoying very low unemployment rates and a solid economic growth. It is very important for these... Read more »

Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering And Anti-Terrorist Financing Reviewed By Finance Department

The Finance Department in Canada has said that it is reviewing the anti-money laundering and the anti-terrorism funding regime. It looks like the screws will be tightened on these... Read more »

Canada’s Unemployment Rate Dips to A New Low

The unemployment rate in Canada has scaled down to a new low. It has now gone down to its lowest in the last four decades. This has led to... Read more »

New Regulatory Changes in Ontario Commences from January 1

The Ontarians rang in the New Year with a host of regulatory changes. The minimum wages are seeing an increase from January 1 and the cost of the prescription... Read more »

The Anti-Spam Act will not allow class action lawsuits

TORONTO – Class actions to prosecute spammers will not be possible on July 1 , as provided by the Canadian Anti-Spam Act. The Government of Canada said Wednesday in... Read more »

Canadian Banking Practices Under The Microscope

Federal MPs heard Wednesday testimony from former bank employees to explore allegations of dubious – even illegal – sales practices of some of the country’s largest financial institutions. The... Read more »

Dollarama boasts quiet confidence, historic stock market record

TORONTO – The favorite retailer of Bay Street Dollarama once again hammered the importance for its shareholders to rely on the game plan to measure its progress at the... Read more »

Old Brewery completes turnaround

MONTREAL – After 128 years of existence, the Old Brewery Mission, which works with the homeless in Montreal, completes a turn that represents a radical change of philosophy. The... Read more »