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GREATER SEATTLE, WA – 01-01-1970 (Press Release Jet) — Author and modern privacy advocate, Sheila Dean releases her first chapter in the downloadable How-To title series, Privacy is a Spider, available for sale now.

Dean decided to publish the book as an independent serial release of downloadable content based on 3 criteria.

1.     To make content available fitting necessary personal relevance to readers without buying the whole book.

2.     The ability to iterate prescriptive changes due to fast evolving legal and technical impacting privacy and data protection.

3.     To self-fund the production of her fully authored work.

“One of the unique challenges of producing any book with currency in technology is to release a title that isn’t obsolete before it hits the shelves.  Consumer and civil privacy are experiencing chronic, war-like levels of hostility. In order to produce something relevant, [the process] required me to adopt prioritizing skills of a combat medic. You produce content so consumers can access the guidance they need to triage their own privacy,” said Dean, who spent years rewriting iterations of privacy mansuscript features.

Privacy Is A Spider provides a holistic direction in its full form.  The complete guide aspires to help US readers prevent losses, create and recreate their privacy during and after a privacy incursion.  

“It’s very tough for consumers to watch privacy protections chronically invalidated and not know what to do. The public needs a program based on resilience, personal priorities and an ability to make a place for privacy in their lives. Hopefully that is what Privacy is a Spider delivers,” said Dean. 

Privacy, The Creative Act, the first featured chapter in the Privacy is a Spider serial will be available for purchase at, for $2.00.  Dean’s aim is to sell enough relevant content for the book to pay for itself.  You can learn more about her path to completion by visiting, 

Sheila is an active voice for more technical privacy provisions to improve the digital user experience. She hopes to optimize a new modern social discipline “to be more private”. What started as a dedicated practice tour of the human rights and digital policy landscape, has landed on the edge of a technical self-leadership approach to reclaiming ownership of personal data.

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